Crazy Spot

Crazy Spot 1.01

Find differences to score points!


  • High quality images
  • Hints system
  • Multiplayer mode


  • Irritating background music

Very good

I'm a big fan of spot the difference games and have recently become addicted to the ones you get in pubs where you need to touch the screen to find the differences.

Thankfully now I don't have to stand around drinking for hours in order to get my fix of picture puzzles thanks to Crazy Spot. This well-presented mobile game charges you with the task of finding the differences between two pictures in the alloted time.

The images used are high quality photographs ranging from a herd of giraffes to a girl sniffing a flower. It's a diverse mix of pictures, though I noticed that some of them crop up again and again, making it easier to solve.

To select the differences between the images you simply need to tap the appropriate area of the screen on either of the pictures. Be careful if you've got fat fingers because you often need to be very precise with your touching, particularly on the very subtle differences.

The game is a real joy to play, and the multiplayer mode only adds to the fun. Even spot the difference novices will love Crazy Spot thanks to the in-game hints system.

The only thing that will really drive you crazy is the horrid techno song that plays in a constant loop.

Crazy Spot is a polished conversion of the spot the difference game for your mobile device.

Crazy Spot is a funny "spot the difference" game with high quality photos and a multiplayer mode. The player's goal is to spot all the differences between two photos as soon as possible .

While the photos may look identical at first glance, there are five random differences on each level! Multiplayer mode will request you spot the difference faster than your competitor.

Crazy Spot


Crazy Spot 1.01

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